Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weightloss Goals

I was going to make this both about my goals and short comings but changed my mind. That will have to be its own post.

  • Weigh ins will occur on Wednesdays
  • Watch what I eat and do so by tracking on MFP (issyamerica)
  • 10 min pilates ab workout; daily
  • Wii Fit Plus and/or Smurfs dance
  • GW1 - 179
  • GW2 - 174
  • GW3 - 169 *this is the one I would like to hit before Christmas
  • GW4 - 164
  • GW5 - 159
  • GW6 - 154 *we will see how I feel when we hit this one
I think its important to know why I am doing this. I was heavy in high school. Heavy for me at least. When I get my printer hooked up I will upload a picture from my graduation. Ugh. And then I went to girl scout camp and with eating right and walking everywhere, I lost a bunch. But my self image still sucked. I couldn't see what others saw. That I was no longer the overweight, geeky girl trying not to be noticed. I want to put on a pair of pants and not have to worry about a muffin top. I want to ENJOY shopping for pants. Right now, I loath it. In a major way.

Maybe I ate too much because I was always told how skinny I was. Or I stopped loving myself and food would love me. Whatever it was, that is no longer me.

I will
I will resist temptation
I will teach my boys to eat healthy by example
I will take time for me and exercise
I will lose15 by Christmas
I will love ME and not food

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  1. I think it's crazy to look back on old pictures with a "wow, I really WAS skinny like everyone said!" I was so small when I met Jay but I felt fat and didn't believe anyone. Looking back, man... I could rock a belly shirt and jncos lol.