Sunday, October 16, 2011


The big one is sick. Has been for a week. I feel for him. I really do. Today has been the worst of it so far. I got him up, had him go wake up Jess who was asleep on the couch. Gets daddy up and they are sitting there cuddling. Jacob starts to cough and then the next thing you know, he throws up. :(

Off to bath we whisk him. More snot is just pouring out. After a nice bath, he gets to hang out in there while we run the hot shower. Sucker out his nose since he is refusing to blow.

Unlike other parents, when my kid has a snotty green nose, a cough and is sneezing, we don't go anywhere. Pretty sure he picked this lovely bug up a week ago when a friend and I took the kids to the McDonald's play place. Which is a germ factory anyway, but we usually do okay. Not this time. Jacob was not the only one to get sick. Levi has had it too. However, thanks to breastfeeding him, its not been too bad.

Back to the other parents. When your kid has a fever, a green runny nose, a cough or sneezing (unless you are 110% sure the sneezing and a clear runny nose are allergies) keep them HOME! I do not need my kid sharing the germs with myself or my new baby. We can not afford for Jesse to be sick. And you never know if you are going to inadvertently infect a child that has a weakened immune system.

So please just do us all a favor and keep your kids home. I know its boring, and you don't get your planned coffee date. But thanks to YOUR carelessness, neither do I!

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