Friday, October 28, 2011

Wii Love

I am in love with my Wii. Silly, I know.

First we bought an xbox 360 with kinect. Which I like. I enjoy playing and felt like I got a good workout in.

See, workouts and I do NOT get along. I hate them. No, I don't really believe that. Too many times being forced to do things I did not want to do has made me think that I hate them. But I don't, not really. I love to run. Have a hard time finding the time to do so with my husband's work schedule and the fact that 1) I don't like to wake up early and 2) it gets cold about the middle to end of September. So you either run when its really hot, or really cold. I love racquetball. But (you knew it was coming) I can't make it to a gym with two kids to play. And if I could ONLY take it as a class at the local college, I would. Believe me, I would. *note to self, look into that*

Which brings us to the purchase of the Wii. We returned the 360 and spent the money instead on a Wii. We've had it three days and I have used it 2 out of 3. Tonight I tried boxing. I would like to blame thank Jillian Michaels for this new found love. Its a great workout. Between step aerobics and boxing I got about 38 mins of exercise in. Wow. I feel good about that. Its more than I expected to do and it really was enjoyable.

Maybe tomorrow I will actually manage to get up before both boys and get my workout in, rather than having to wait until they are both asleep.

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