Friday, February 1, 2013

Maintaing my cool - Day 1

The day is not all the way over, but I've made progress! I told my 4yr old this morning on the way to school that mommy is going to try really hard to not yell. But I do need his help. He needs to try and listen better.

I did raise my voice slightly at the 18month old when for the upteenth time, he got into the dvds. Why oh why do they have to be shinny and so cool to play with??

My boys love playing together, but with a 2.5yr age difference, sometimes its hard. And the baby doesn't communicate as well as the 4yr old did at this age. So they fight. And when they fight, I yell. Except so far, there has been no yelling. Mommy has calmly reminded them they need to play nicely. No taking toys from each other, and no throwing of toys. Said calmly, no yelling.

This morning my husband told me he read yesterday's post. He then goes on to tell me, he didn't realize that yelling was such an issue for me because I do it all the time. What a wake up call. I yell enough that its just considered "normal" around here. Well not anymore!


  1. I had a mom who just yelled all the time and a dad who'd fly off the handle over everything. I have to try REALLY hard to not revert to mannerisms I grew up with so I totally am with you on learning to be a calmer parent! People tell me I am really patient but I'd like that to be all the time and not just most of the day until bedtime when I am worn out and the kids get fussy at Rob! haha

    1. You can do it too! I am pretty good at maintaining my cool in public, but not so much at home. Today has been trying, but so far, so good!