Monday, February 4, 2013

Sleep is for the weak

Day 3 down, 4 more to go

Or something like that. I usually go to bed somewhere between 11 and midnight.

Last night I managed to make it into bed at 8:30. Just to be joined by a cute little 18 month old. He snores. A lot.

And of course I was up every 2hrs to pee. My night looked like this
  • asleep around 9pm
  • awake at 11:30 to pee
  • asleep around midnight
  • awake at 1:30 to pee
  • asleep around 2
  • awake at 3:30 to pee
  • asleep around 4:30 after sending the preschooler back to bed
  • awake at 6:30 to pee
  • asleep around 7
  • awake at 8 cause my alarm was going off and the preschooler was up
This does not reflect the small bouts of crying done by the toddler, or him snoring himself awake and thus scaring himself. Or the head in my back from said toddler.

Then the preschooler starts off the morning by lying to us. Mommy is short on sleep, and you want to act up? Really dude?

Thankfully mommy had errands to run in town and was able to escape. The preschooler was kept home from school because of his poor attitude, which has only continued through the day.  Lunch time is almost over, and then its quite time for the household. Believe me, it can not come soon enough.

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