Sunday, February 3, 2013

Throwing in the Towel

2 days down, 5 more to go to goal #2

No, I'm not quitting the Orange Rhino Challenge.

But lets talk about throwing things.

An almost sure fire way to get mom to yell at you? Throw things at your little brother. Or throw your fork at mommy. Both of these happened this morning. And you know what? I didn't yell. Oh, boy, I wanted to.

While eating pancakes this morning, Levi was not getting more fast enough. When I told him to calm down. he threw his fork at me. Oh boy.

For whatever reason, Jacob has begun to think that throwing toys is the way to go. Not in this house its not. Whats even worse, is when he throws them AT Levi.

But mommy has kept her cool. Not easy though. Even Jesse has noticed this and told me to step away and he would take care of it. This is an entirely different battle. I have to let go of the control and let him do his job as daddy. Not an easy task.

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