Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mommy is really close to yelling

 Day one done. On to the week goal (Feb 1-7)

When I feel myself getting to the point where I just want to yell at my kids, I've started telling them "Mommy is really close to yelling, I need...." and then its either for my 4yr old to zip his mouth, or for them to go to the playroom, or for them to listen.

Things that make me want to yell
  • My 4yr old just talking and talking and talking. Its not his fault, he comes by this trait honestly... but it still drives me to want to yell at him to just SHUT UP.
  • Either child not listening or following the rules
  • Things not getting done around the house (no one said everything had to be because of the kids)
  • No coffee (even though Jesse put me on decaf for the remainder of my pregnancy)
  • Not getting enough sleep. This is one that makes me really cranky. Everyone knows it. I have to make a habit to get to bed at a decent time. Plus, it helps that Jesse has been getting up with Levi.

I told my husband I made it a whole day without yelling.  He said I seemed happier. Sure, I guess. I have naturally low blood pressure, I'm sure not yelling just makes it that much better :-P

Once you start yelling/screaming you just can't stop


  1. the first one! OMG - maybe it's just all 4-year-olds! mine is the same way!

    1. I'm a talker too, and this is just one of those things that drives me nuts!

    2. I'm rarely chatty, his dad on the other hand can talk about anything to anyone, so I know where he gets it, it's just not from me!
      The other thing is that he repeats whatever he says several times until acknowledged.