Monday, February 4, 2013

Horrible Haircut

-2 days down, 9 to go

All it took was me cutting my 4yr old's hair to end up red faced yelling at him. He's gotten hair cuts, usually does just fine. I even gave him a lollipop to sit in the chair. And sit he did. But here is what set me off....

He was crying that it hurt. Even after I showed him that it didn't. He kept being so dramatic about it! And he is this way about SO many things. Things that have never bothered him before. And I found myself screaming at him. If he had said, "the noise scares me" or something else, we would have talked about it. But he said it hurt.

When the haircut was all over (since once you start, you really can't just stop) I asked him if it hurt. "No mommy, it didn't." UGH!! Then why were you CRYING that it did???

It doesn't help that he has had an attitude all day. Enough so that he had to stay home from preschool. Not more than 10 mins before we started cutting his hair, he shoved his little brother. When asked why, his response was "He was in my way". Oh man, if that is not enough to just set you off... The baby was just standing there, he walked up and shoved him.

There are so many things I hate about yelling at them. The tears from all parties, even those not involved. The intense anger I feel at even having to yell.

I have to say though... even with the odds stacked against me, my first haircut didn't turn out too bad. Now to just convince the hubby to let me do his.

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