Monday, September 3, 2012

Gluten Free Products We Love - Dinner Items

 Gluten Free Dinner Items

I thought since I have a 3.5 yr old and a 13 month old that I should review some of the store bought gluten free products we have tried and liked. Look for a post later of products that we have NOT liked.

As I was going through the products that we like, I realized its really too many to list in a single post. So I will be breaking it up into parts.

 This is seriously some of the best GF mac and cheese. I think it tastes so similar to Kraft Mac and Cheese that I don't even miss that ole blue box.

Canyon Bakehouse breads. Yum. Not too heavy, holds up well and actually tastes like white bread. Worth the money spent.

This was pretty yummy too. With a little bit of gluten free soy sauce. Great for a quick meal at home.

This is super yummy and tastes just like you would expect it to.
 These are pretty good. A bit on the spendy side and you do have to watch how you are cooking them as they are easy to over cook, but over all not too bad.


  1. I'm enjoying the GF series. My kids like Ian's nuggets as well. HAven't seen the bread or mac & cheese in the stores here yet, but I'll have to look again. Annie's gluten free mac & cheese is also pretty good. I'm glad to know the chicken helper is okay, because I have a box of it in my pantry. :)

    1. I have yet to see the bread in store as well, but you can order it from their website. And all of what they carry is really yummy. I think I last got the mac and cheese at Fred Meyer.