Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Follow Up Appointment

Monday morning we had Levi's follow up appointment with our family doctor (whom I love). He said pretty much the same thing as the ER doctor. We caught it really early. He couldn't even hear anything when he listened to him.

My little guy is a peanut! At the ER on Saturday he weighed 13.4. At our appointment he weighted 12.11. He is 24 3/4 inches long!

While there I pointed out to the Dr that Levi keeps his left foot very turned in.

So the Dr took a look at it and Levi did NOT want to put any weight on his feet. I was told that at this point he should be wanting to stand and bounce and all of that. I even put him on his tummy to show the Dr and he wouldn't straighten out his left foot. The short of this, we will have an appointment over at our local Shriner's Children's Hospital. I would rather get this straightened out now, rather than later.

Overall my little man is on the mend!

Day 7 Thankfulness

Today, on my Grandmother's birthday I am thankful for her.
She has made both of my boys beautiful blankets.
She is gracious and loving and I am very glad she is still around.

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