Tuesday, November 8, 2011

3 months old and....

Pneumonia (HA! I finally spelled it correctly without using spell checker!). Thats right. My little Levi Bug is 3 months old (barely) and has pneumonia.

I'm sure you are probably wondering how I knew he was sick enough to take in. I didn't.

This is how my weekend went. Friday I get up and a gal drops her little girl off for me to watch. Jacob has a runny nose and a slight cough. Which is lovely, considering he was JUST over the last cold just a few short days ago. The day went pretty well. Put the kiddos down for naps, Levi at 11:30, the older kids at noon. Big kids get up around 1:30 and 2... Levi is still sleeping. While this is awesome, its SO unlike my kid. He just does NOT nap. 30 mins here or there, but Jacob was a 1-4 hour napper as an infant. Heck, he still takes an hour to two hour nap. Finally around 5:30 Levi wakes up. Awesome. He has now slept for 5 hours, I'm betting he is going to be up ALL night. I feed him, he is chill, so I lay him on his play mat. The little bugger goes BACK to sleep!! He was awake for less than two hours. He slept from 7:15pm until 4:00am. 9 hours! Ate, and then went back to sleep until 6:45am.

At this point, I know something isn't quite right. Also, Jacob is up and REALLY not feeling well. So I message the gal who's kid I am supposed to watch and let her know its a no go. Get some wonderful advice from my mommy friends. Plus, Levi at this point is running a fever and I have NO idea how much he weights so I can dose him correctly. So I call my mom to meet me at the ER.

2.5 hours later at the ER, Jacob has an upper respiratory infection and Levi has pneumonia. Sucky. We then go to get the anitbiotics and not a single pharmacy in the area carries the one that was prescribed to us. I love our pharmacy. The gal working called around, I spent an hour there just trying to get it filled. Finally she called the hospital and got the dr to change it to something else. $73 later I have antibiotics for my littlest.

5 hours after leaving the house this morning, we are finally home. Jacob goes down for a nap, he is exhausted. Levi is still sleeping in his car seat. I run the rent check across the yard and come home. The baby wakes up, I get him up and take his temp. It was 101 :( So back to the ER we go. The only instructions on my discharge papers were to bring him back if he had a fever. After another 2 hours there, I was sent home basically telling me that I am a crazy overreacting mom.

Well this crazy overreacting mom caught pneumonia in her 3 month old before he ever really had any symptoms. So there.

Day 5 Thankfulness Challenge
I am thankful for my mommy instincts.
Without them, Levi could have gotten much sicker.

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