Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge

I am sending out a challenge to all of my friends. Blog (or comment if you don't have a blog) for the next 30 days about something that you are thankful for. Sounds easy right? Well it usually is.... for the first week and then people "get busy", forget or other various excuses. And it does not need to be a separate post. Just make sure you tag it as "thankfulness" so I can check and see what YOU are thankful for. I think it helps to put things into perspective.

Thankfulness Challenge Day One
Today I am most thankful for the family that I have.
The ones who are still with us,
And the ones that are not.
I know that on today, my Grandfather's Birthday,
He is looking down on me and smiling.
I have a wonderful husband who works hard
Two beautiful little boys.
Parents that love me.
I am thankful.

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