Thursday, May 3, 2012

Whats been going on

  Looking back through the posts, I have been slacking. Its not been a lack of really having anything to say... its just been more of life being life.

All winter we have been sick. It started in Oct and we just can't kick it out for good. Feb rolled around and Jacob gets this horrible tummy bug. I am washing things like crazy to make sure NO ONE ELSE gets it. So much so that I washed my hands raw. *ouch* 4 weeks after the onset of this "bug" he still isn't better. A trip into the dr is called for. I did everything. The B.R.A.T diet, no dairy, full fat dairy, no juice, extra juice. Everything I could think of. Short of pulling wheat out of his diet.

The Dr says to pull out wheat. Its not going to hurt him and we will know in a few days if it is helping at all. Then we start discussing the fact that Peanut is just that... a peanut. At 6 months old he was all of 14 lbs. He ate ALL the time. Where was it all going? Quite honestly, it was running right out of him.

3 days. All it took was 3 days for J to stop crying about an upset tummy. For L to stop screaming all the ever loving time. Within that first week I threw out EVERYTHING. If it had wheat, barley, soy, malt, anything questionable.... it went. I gave it away, sold it. Whatever I could do to get it out of my house.

We have been gluten free (gf) for two months now. At our WIC appt on 2/6 L was 14.4lbs, at the appt on 4/30 he was 16.15 (almost 17 pounds!). I am SO proud of the little bugger for gaining!

I went back to working outside of the home the end of Feb. Its not the best, but its what works for us. We NEED to get more of our debt paid off. Its important to me. I also started babysitting in the mornings.

L is crawling and sitting up on his knees, J is just as smart as can be. Rather than go on and on, here are some pictures from the last two months.

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