Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Being Gluten Free

5 months old and starting to fade away
I am gluten free because my baby needs me to be. He was born a healthy 9lb baby. The pregnancy was normal and smooth. He was the perfect newborn.... for a week. He cried all the time (and this was not my 1st baby), 3 weeks old, he was sick with a cold. Where did that come from? It took over a month to get better. By 3 months, he never slept. Never. I was a walking zombie, even though big brother still took naps, there was no way mommy could even try to sneak one in. Then one day, he slept all day. I knew something was wrong. He had pneumonia. 3 months old and my baby was really sick. But mommy caught it in time. I just *knew* something wasn't right. The months went on, he cried and cried. And never seemed full, 5 jars of baby food, nursing, a bottle and still it was never enough. He was up to a whole 13 pounds by 6 months when he ended up with RSV. We have battled countless colds by this point, many sleepless nights and a constant runny nose. Then my big boy gets sick. Really sick. Countless hours are spent on the internet, researching things to make him better. When suddenly it occurs to me that it might be a gluten issue. My mom has it, so maybe my kids do too. A trip to the doctors and three days later we have our confirmation. Big boy is sensitive to gluten and little man can't have it at all.

12 months old and thriving
Now, just 4 months later, my 13 month old is starting to develop and grow. To do the things that babies are supposed to do. He finally doubled his birth weight, and is out growing his 9 month size clothes. He stands, and talks and naps. Oh those glorious naps!

What a difference a few months and no gluten has made in my baby.

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