Saturday, December 17, 2011

No voice and a toddler

It is SO hard to parent a toddler when you have no voice. It really is. But here I sit trying to do just that.

My chest hurts, my throat hurts, the whole no voice thingy, and I am tired. The upside to all of this? There are little to no medications that I can take that will not either dry up my milk, or make it so Levi ends up on the loopy train. Don't you wish you were me? HA!

I feel like I need to apologize for my lack of blogging here lately. Kids have been sick, I have been sick and in between I have been trying to kill the germs with my army of Lysol products. Both Jacob and Levi seem to be allergic to the first round of antibiotics, Levi is done with his, Jacob is almost done. Hopefully I won't need antibiotics and we can kick this sickness out for good!

Lets also add in the fact that both cars need work. Jesse's is the worst. The CV axles on both sides need replaced. BAM! $120 later... The Passport still does this weird freakout thing at about 70 mph. Gremlins, I'm telling you. Oh and Jesse's car also needs O2 sensors, and some other work.. its a 4 door sedan that is getting the gas mileage of my suv. This is what happens when you drive two paid for 10+ year old cars. But its still less than what it would be with car payments. So there is a silver lining.

I'll leave you with pictures of the cars, I'll blog more when my thoughts make more sense to me.

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